GFRC Mixer Hydraulic type

GFRC Mixer Description

Abster  provides specially designed triple helical design high speed mixing unit for perfect dispersion of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). The GFRC Mixer is equipped with high-end technology for efficient dispersion of the GRC. The mixer unit works in itself as a complete processing unit which can accommodate the formulation automatically basis on the input to the control panel while the dry material is hand fed from bags to the dry loading.

Our GFRC Mixers are configured to mix sand/cement slurry which is of spray-able grade with high shear mixing at higher speed and have capability to be slowed to enable glass fibers to be added to the mix and blended well in the shortest time possible

GFRC Mixer range is highly efficient range of mixers for the application of premixing GRC and producing spray grade GRC/ GFRC slurry having following specification:

  • Mixing range from 120 kg to 500 kg of prepared material having 1:1 ratio of sand and cement and further blending of fiber is also incorporated.
  • Specially designed helical high shear mixing blades for creating a homogeneous blend of sand and cement and further to blend the fiber into the mixture to prepare the end product. The blade works perfect for producing spray grade GRC/ GFRC slurry.
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to have a variable rpm control for the mixture for high speed mixing of cement and sand and slow speed blending of fiber into the mix.
  • Lift-able sealed lid for the mixing drum to ensure a closed mixing system having dust free environment and neglecting loss of material from the mixture.
  • Solid loading chute for efficient and dust free dosing of powders with rubber bung.
  • Interchange-able mixing drums to have a versatility to use different drums for different colors with minimal cleaning required.
  • Mixing Drum Trolley have both options for Tilting drum type and Fixed drum type.
  • Mixer Blade Lifting can either be Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic.
  • Safety Indicator with a limit switch to ensure that the mixer operates only in down position when sealed.
  • IP-55 control system with VFD to vary the rpm, Lifting Up/Down for the mixing blade, Safety Sensor Indicator, Emergency Switch, etc.
  • Automatic Water Dispensing unit to have the desired/set volume of water into the mixture as an optional attachment to ensure a consistent mix without any manual intervention.

Specialized GFRC Equipment to Mix & Cast Concrete Countertops

GFRC requires specialized equipment to mix and cast. This page explains which equipment to use and why.


The mixing procedure for GFRC is very important. GFRC must be high shear mixed. GFRC is very sensitive to the mix consistency – viscosity, flow-ability, work ability. The basic GFRC mix design has been proportioned to make it very easy to create a flow-able mix design and still use a low water-cement ratio for strong concrete.

In ordinary concrete mix design, which is aggregate rich, the traditional way to create a flow able mix is to use quite a bit of a very powerful superplasticizer. The mix is intended to be poured into a mold that fills by gravity.

In contrast, GFRC is sprayed onto the surface of a mold that may be vertical or even upside down. The mix has to be flow able so it can be sprayed and achieve a very high quality surface finish with no pinholes, but it also has to stick to the mold. Trying to make a flow able GFRC mix by using superplasticizer in the same amounts and methods for conventional concrete will result in a mix that won’t stick or is too runny.

In addition, because GFRC uses a cement-rich mix, the mix is sensitive to good cement particle dispersion for high early strength and quick set times. What high shear mixing does is it mechanically disperses the clumped cement particles rather than relying on large aggregate and large amounts of superplasticizer to do the same thing.

With conventional concrete, the large aggregate (gravel) creates shearing action as it tumbles in the mixer. GFRC needs mechanical mixing at high energy to achieve that cement dispersion. You cannot use the conventional barrel/tumble style precast mixers for GFRC. They are too slow and don’t put enough energy into the mix.

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