DOUBLE DRIVE SIGMA MIXER TWO-TIER MODEL has 50% more effective mixing than Conventional Sigma Mixers.

The main trough is of fully welded construction. The rotors are taper bored and key-fitted onto stub shafts working on anti-friction bearings. They are driven by individual Gear Boxes coupled to individual Motors.

This Double Drive design is unique for “ABSTER” Sigma Mixer. The overall performance of the machine will be far superior, compared to other machines available in the market which have open gears between rotors.

The Double Drive Design is easy to maintain and user friendly with minimum components and no open gearing system, gear-guards, etc.

The shaft sealing is achieved with stuffing box arrangement with suitable gland packing.

The counter-rotating tangential sigma blades have a good mixing action, greater wiped heat transfer area per unit volume and minimum riding of material on the blades, ensuring optimum kneading.

Very efficient mixing and kneading is ensured due to the shape of the trough where the material being mixed is retained within the mixing zone. In conventional models, the material is allowed to escape the mixing zone during kneading i.e. the material climbs above the level of the rotors into the open space above the rotors.

In the Two-Tier design, the shape of the trough directs the materials always into the mixing zone, never allowing the material to leave the mixing zone.

Further, because one of the rotors is above the other, only one discharge port is needed.

These machines are ideally suited for “Single Product Dedicated Units”.

Sigma Mixers of Working Volume 150, 300, 600, 1000 & 1500 Litres are available.

* The design of the machine is subject to change from time to time to keep pace with the state of the art ensuring improvement in efficiency and elegance.