High Speed Disperser and Dissolver Mixer for Paints


Application and introduction

High speed disperser is with quick dispersing ,homogenizing , shearing and mixing function ,can be used on mass production of liquid materials, which is widely used in Paint, printing Ink ,pigment .,emulsion, chemicals .dye stuff .food ,adhesive ,fertilizer and so on .

The disperser is with an disperser disc drive by the shaft connected with driving part,

The disc rotating with high speed and the materials touched the disc .will be mixed by smaller size.. The disperser are ideal for dispersion that the material viscous up to 50000 centipoise , It is the best disperser for liquid materials.

Especially the high speed disperser for paint , It is widely used in water based paint industry , it is the best choice for different paint materials premix and dispersion ,This paint mixer is suitable for mass paint production, and it is the economic choice.

How it work

The high speed disperser rotating maximum 3000rpm,Within such high speed rotating , the disc makes the materials in a vortex and pull the materials to the edge of the disc.

In this process, the materials in the drum are fully dispersed ,dissolved and sheared and also emulsified by the disc , By the hydraulic lift system ,the shaft lift up and down , Therefore ,all the materials in the drums are well mixed and dispersed,

The total process is with short time but high efficiency ,It reached continuous production produce request.

Other advantages

Disperser shaft rotating maximum up to 3000rpm ,within this high speed ,the materials will be uniform and well dispersed , The rotating speed can be adjusted by the inverter ,it is optioned.

The disperser is easy operation , all the motors are Ex-proof ,and all the operation are in the control panel . The disc mounted on the shaft can be uninstall quickly and also easy clean ,and there is an fixed device for the tank ,the clamping device is with different type for option.

The high speed disperser mixer can be mounted on the ground ,There is an disc under the disperser ,and there are three holes in triangle shape .,it is used for fix on the land ,and also platform is optioned ,different design can be customized by different production request.

Technical data

Model Motor power (kw) Rotating speed (rpm) Disc dia (mm) Capacity (L) Weight (kg)
HSD-1.5 1.5 0-1450 120 50 400
HSD-4 4 0-1450 200 200 500
HSD-7.5 7.5 0-1450 200 400 800
HSD-11 11 0-1450 250 500 1100
HSD-15 15 0-1450 280 700 1300
HSD-18.5 18.5 0-1450 300 800 1300
HSD-22 22 0-1450 350 1000 1400
HSD-30 30 0-1450 400 1500 1500
HSD-37 37 0-1450 400 1600 1600
HSD-55 55 0-1450 500 3000 2100
HSD-75 75 0-1450 550 4000 2300
HSD-110 110 0-950 700 8000 3000
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