The Double Cone Blender is a versatile piece of machinery for mixing dry powders and any type of granule in a homogeneous manner. The slant design of this double cone blender eliminates any dead spots that sometimes occur in the traditional and conventional double cone mixer. There is a conical shape that enables a very uniform mixing and a very easy discharge. They can handle large capacities and are easy to clean, load, and unload.

Working principle of Double Cone Blender

Double cone blender comes in a standard and compact design. All the powder and granules are loaded into the cone for the mixing process to start. Only two-thirds of the cone is filled to ensure complete mixing. The cone of the double cone blender is placed statistically so the chances of overload on the mixture are eliminated. The paddle type baffle in the cone strategized the uniform mixing in the cone. The stipulated time is taken to mix which may vary depending on how difficult the substance to be mixed may be. The side-valve then helps in the discharge of the mixed material. The double cone blender has a polished surface which makes it very easy to be cleaned manually.

Working principle of Double Cone Blender

Advantages of the Double Cone Blender

This adaptable and versatile machine is a very effective machine for mixing dry powder, granules, or any heavy and abrasive material. What facilitates quick functionality is the timer function. This function makes it more precise. The shape of the cone and the multi shearing plate aid in blending and also easy residual removing. The machines carry the option of adding more paddle-shaped baffles for better blending. The Double cone blenders are supplied with Intensifier bars to allow for de-agglomeration if required. This enables any loosely adhered clumps of powder to be broken apart, thereby maintaining consistency. There is a fire motor attached which prevents the risk of any accidents. When it comes to output delivery, the double cone blender delivers high uniformity in blending especially when the mixing units vary in bulk density. The stainless steel body and its strong nature ensure durability and less wear and tear.

features of Double Cone Blender

The double cone blender is used in laboratory, which is known as lab double cone blenders or R&D Double Cone Blender. Due to its small and compact size, they are also known as small double cone blender or mini double cone blender.

The laboratory double cone blender provides clients a high level of satisfaction and can be ordered with the required specifications. What makes this premium quality double cone blender high in demand is its robust design, long service life because of its endurability, and uninterrupted high performance. The lab double cone blenders offer fully integrated motors and controls and safety railings. Another feature of this blender is that it can be easily connected and disconnected with a quick locking and unlocking screw.

The R &D Double Cone Blender provides the latest technology benefits for powder and liquids with an efficient and cost-saving mechanism. The exceptional efficiency of this blender is due to its three-dimensional motion for constant and reproducible mixing results. The substances to be blended are subject to a rhythmic pulsing motion.

Small compact double cone blenders or mini double cone blenders which occupy less space and carry out operations with minimum human interventions. These are of much use where batch sizes are smaller. These can be used for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and cosmetic products. The High-speed double cone blenders can be utilized where the batches are larger and up-scaling or production is required.

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