bead mill manufacturers

Bead Mill Manufacturers

Bead mill machine is suitable for grinding and dispersing low to middle viscosity materials. It is widely used in dyes, pesticides, paper, and pigments industries. The grinding mechanism of this machine is totally enclosed and solvent loss is reduced to a minimum. Especially machine slots encourage the bead mass to focus against the product flow giving highly efficient grinding action. Complete with starters, feed pump, and safety switch ob over pressure and temperature. Depending on machine design and functionality, bead mills are operated in a discrete pass or continuous operation. If you are looking for a reputed Bead Mill Manufacturers, Abster Equipment is the right place for you! With many years of experience, Abster Equipment has established profound expertise and a wide customer base in the wet grinding and dispersing industry.

Bead Mill Manufacturers

We operate a wide range of different high-energy mill designs that can handle any type of dispersion. From agrichemicals and cosmetics to digital printing and medical device applications, we are perfectly equipped with our selection of dispersing equipment to sever different industries.
At Abster, we have research and development infrastructure as well as production capabilities to create nano-fine dispersions with bead mill equipment.
Features of Our Bead Mill:

Our bead mills are available in both horizontal and vertical wet dispensator for producing fine products ranging from low viscosity to high viscosity.

Our machine’s grinding materials are specially treated for erosion resistance

Our bead mill’s parts are easy to replace, maintain, and operate.

Our machine rotates in high RPM which ensures beads mobility against stagnation.

Our machine employs dynamic gap separator equipment including super hard tungsten carbide alloys for exceptional wear resistance.

Do you need a reliable bead mill manufacturers in India? If so, contact Abster! In addition, we provide customized bead mill machine manufacturing services. So, you can get a machine according to your choices no matter what sizes, types, and production capabilities you want in your machine! For more information about bead mill, contact us today!